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Eichler Windows

These windows are perfect to capture the most of your view. If you need more ventilation, combine them with other windows. Do you want a custom-made window of the unusual geometric shape? Moreover, our picture and geometric windows are the best solution for Eicher house.

At Aurora we are proud to offer you vinyl windows that will perfectly fit your house design! They are also beautiful accents on their own.

Eichler houses are, by definition, exclusive and elite. Yet, due to their unusual structure they require special attention in the windows and doors area. Since usual Eichler has more window surfaces than any other house of the same size, such problems as temperature loss, noise, condensation and security become acute and require immediate solution.

We, at Aurora, are proud to offer this solution to the Eichler homeowners - our premium windows will make your house more beautiful than ever and solve these issues.