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Royal Dura Technology™

Royal Dura Technology™ helps us building windows that last a lifetime.

Royal is North America's leader in custom profile extrusion, consisting of PVC custom extrusions, window & door profile extrusions and systems, rapid prototyping, in-line extrusion fabrication, customized rigid or cellular foam PVC formulations and plant design services serving the home improvement, consumer and construction markets.

Royal has been an innovator in the profile extrusion industry since 1970. As a result of extensive research, their premium extrusion and injection molded products meet or exceed AAMA requirements, resist fading and will not peel, rust, flake or corrode, providing virtually maintenance-free protection.

Mikron Industries Inc.

Mikron Industries Inc. is a leader in design, research and manufacture of extruded products. For over 35 years, Mikron Industries Inc. has worked to refine and improve their MikronBlend ™ formulation. Proof of success is based on years of real-world outdoor weathering - in the toughest conditions.

This includes real-life, proven weather-tested in arid, Arizona and hot, humid South Florida to exceed AAMA weathering standards. In addition, MikronBlend is accelerated lab test proven. They subject their vinyl to tests beyond what the industry requires to ensure it will survive the elements. Tests such as:

Heat Absorption Test: Exposes vinyl to infrared radiation to determine how much radiant heat it can absorb and still remain stable.
Deflection Temperature Test: Determines the temperature at which a profile of specific dimension will bend under a specific load.

Super Spacer®

Super Spacer® is the world's only 100% polymer foam, NO-Metal Warm Edge spacing system. With its advanced all-silicone foam formula and a unique dual-seal design, Super Spacer® leaves all other window spacers out in the cold and delivers on the promise of warm edge technology. Windows edged with Super Spacer® satisfy the highest warm edge demands by:

  • Resisting condensation
  • Reducing energy costs
  • Providing a long-term durability
  • Maintaining their attractive appearance
  • Reducing noise distractions from the outside
  • Adding both comfort and value to your home

If you're looking for premium performance in your home's replacement windows, make sure they are Super Spacer® sealed.

Amesbury Group
Sealing Solutions

FOAM-TITE®: Patented foam-filled weather seals for the window & door industries, including t-slot, kerf mounted, and a new and exclusive clad FT weather seal. Foam-Tite® seals are engineered and built with thermoplastic vulcanizates to provide high quality and long life service in the most demanding conditions.

TEXTILE: Woven Amesbury’s signature line of quality woven products for all standard fenestration applications, G2 extruded, kerf mounted pile weather seals and dust plugs.

SCHLEGEL: Q-Lon urethane foam, pile, and Aptus extruded weather seals.


RiteScreen's trademark engineering excellence brings innovation and world-class design together with a wide selection of premium Patio Door Screens, which are custom, made, using a variety of shapes, colors, and hardware options. The premium selections that RiteScreen offers are ideal for residential and commercial applications.